Private Dog Training

Professional dog training solutions to help owners in Calgary

K9 Knose-it offers professional dog training solutions to help owners in Calgary achieve their dog training goals. Our private dog training programs are perfect for dogs of any size, age or breed – from puppies who need to learn those initial commands, all the way through to dogs who have significant behavioral issues. 

Programs at K9 Knose-it are a little different from the dog training packages you may be accustomed to. We offer Board and Train services, where you leave your dog in our capable hands for a set period of time. As we only work with a maximum of two dogs at any time, your dog gets the personalized care they need! We’ll treat them just like we would our own dogs – they will have their own space, but they’ll also have the chance to socialize in public, go on lengthy walks and interact with our household. 

For us, your dog isn’t just a number taking up kennel space in a large facility – instead, you can rest assured they will receive dedicated, one-on-one attention. This also means we can easily keep you informed with regular updates of your pup’s progress.

Laurie McIntosh, owner and founder of K9 Knose-it, has been working with dogs for over thirty years. Having traveled across the globe to compete in French Ring competitions, she is a graduate of the Master Dog Trainer program at the School for Dog Trainers. She has the expertise and experience to get results with your dog!

Obedience and Behavior Training

Has your dog been exhibiting any of these frustrating habits?
Or has your dog been displaying more significant behavioural problems?
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These behaviours are as common as they are frustrating. Dog owners often try to simply live with them, thinking ‘that’s annoying, but that’s just how my dog acts’ – without realising that their lives would be so much easier if these behaviours were resolved.

At K9 Knose-it, we have experience of dealing with a variety of dogs. Old, young, big, small – we’ve seen them all. We’re also familiar with the wide array of frustrations faced by dog owners which prevent them from having a harmonious relationship with their dog.

Our Board & Train program is the perfect solution for you and your dog. Based on discussions with you and our diagnosis of the issue, we’ll create a customized dog training plan which is designed to eradicate the unwanted behaviours. Because we only work with a couple of dogs at a time, your pup will benefit from individualized training that wouldn’t be possible with other trainers, due to the sheer number of dogs they are training at one time. We believe in quality and reliable outcomes – and that comes from focusing our efforts, one dog at a time.

When our dog training program is finished, we’ll discuss the progress made during your dog’s stay, and how you can maintain their behaviour in the future! You’ll be amazed at the transformation. The days of ‘that’s annoying, but that’s just how my dog acts’ will be over – for good! 

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Puppy Training

If you’ve just picked out a new puppy – or are in the process of doing so – it is vital to have a dog training plan in place!

A confident and well-trained dog doesn’t just appear overnight. It takes time. It takes repetition. It takes patience. Our programs help your puppy to become a dependable member of the family and greatly reduces the likelihood of behavioral problems further down the line. 

At K9 Knose-it, we’ve worked with countless puppies (in addition to raising our own). We understand the importance of working with puppies from an early age, enabling them to develop a stable temperament and confidence.

In addition to learning basic obedience commands, we understand how important the other important aspects of your puppy’s development are. Socialization is often overlooked when it comes to dog training, and we make it a priority to expose your dog to new humans and new dogs. We’ll also take your dog out in public to different environments around Calgary. All of our socialization outings are carefully managed and interaction with other dogs or humans is always conducted under close supervision. 

With our specialized and dedicated one-on-one training, your puppy will return to your home with a solid behavioural foundation. You will be able to trust their behaviour, both inside and outside of your home. We will demonstrate what your puppy has learned throughout the program and explain how you can maintain the level of training going forward. 

What makes K9 Knose-it different?

Our private dog training programs for owners in Calgary are a little different, designed to achieve maximum results for our clients. 

We offer board and train programs, but we don’t have a huge facility which caters for lots of dogs at one time. Instead, we only work with one or two dogs at any given time. Essentially, your dog will be spending time as another member of our pack. We’ll make sure they safely interact with our existing dogs and learn how to properly socialize, whilst obviously taking time to resolve any behavioural issues and implement our training plan as necessary. 

Dogs at K9 Knose-it also receive regular walks, and have the opportunity to participate in outings in and around the Calgary area. This ensures they behave properly in different settings.

There are two main benefits to our approach to dog training. 

Firstly, our set-up provides a sense of normality for your dog. Our approach mirrors your dog’s normal home life – just in a different home, with a different family! This is in contrast with a large kennel facility, where your dog is likely to be confined to a cage for most of the day with isolated training opportunities. 

Secondly – and perhaps more importantly – we are able to dedicate so much more time to actually training your dog. We aren’t splitting our energy by training 10, 15 or 20 dogs. We aren’t trying to maintain order in a huge kennel, packed with constant barking. Our dog training environment is calm, reassuring and conducive to a positive experience for your dog. Your dog will receive the individual attention they need to get the results you need.

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