Explosive Detection Dog Services

World class explosive detection dogs to ensure optimum safety

We might not be able to easily see them, but our dogs can smell them.

Our team at K9 Knose-It specializes in providing world class Explosives Detection services to commercial establishments and businesses, individuals and teams needing to put their safety first. We work public events, large gatherings, concerts, sporting games, and virtually any situation that will require or desires security clearance prior to, or during, the hosting. 

K9 Knose-It is licensed and accredited by the government of Alberta, Canada to provide security services, and our K9s have undergone the most rigorous explosives detection training standards available, in addition to extensive professional obedience and socialization training so we can guarantee their undivided attention when working. Our dogs work in such a way where they will immediately indicate upon locating target odor without making physical contact or disturbing the explosives device. This guarantees that any finds can be quickly, and safely, removed from their location. 

Even though our K9s have completed their rigorous explosives detection training, we regularly work with our dogs to ensure that they are always prepared for deployment. We train for real life situations, in a variety of locations while ensuring that all target odors are regularly utilized in drills. Our training drills vary in intensity and difficulty, and we are always working our dogs on more difficult finds in more challenging situations to improve their capabilities. 

Hiring a high-quality detection dog team to help ensure the safety of your event is one of the most valuable actions that you can take prior to its commencement. Just like with any high risk activity, doing everything that one can to minimize the risk to their attendees is critical to providing a positive experience and maintaining brand reputation. In any situation where there is significant liability, doing everything possible to maximize safety can prevent lawsuits, penalties and PR crises. 

Trust K9 Knose-It with your event. Our team will help ensure that your facility is clear of explosives before the situation becomes dangerous. Explosives are a very real threat – don’t let them ruin your event.

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What is an Explosives Detection Dog?

An explosives detection dog is a trained K9 who strategically searches for mechanical and chemical explosive devices. They are trained to target the location of explosives devices by recognizing when source is present, following the scent being emitted by the explosives device and stopping to respond with a passive indication once they have located the target source of that odor. They are specifically trained to ignore every other scent, sight or stimuli in their working environment, regardless of how distracting it may be, and focused exclusively on locating explosives. 

Explosives detection dogs are selected exclusively for their working drives and environmental stability. These natural traits are optimized through extensive training, resulting in a working K9 who not only loves to do their job, but does it quickly and effectively. We ensure that our dogs are proofed off other potentially distracting odors (such as food, toys, other dogs, people, etc.) in order to avoid any sort of confusion or time wasting while working. Well trained explosives detection dogs are able to locate target sources at low, medium and high placements, through doors, in trashcans and in other difficult to get to locations.

These top-notch workers are capable of finding explosives when the human eye cannot see them, and their handler is able to quickly realize when their dog has picked up the scent of a target source, effectively follow their dog to source and report immediately when an explosive has been located.

Who benefits from using an Explosives Detection Dog?

There are many different groups and individuals who would benefit from the hire of an explosives detection dog. This includes:

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