Laurie McIntosh has owned, raised, trained and competed with dogs for almost three decades.

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About K9 Knose-it

Laurie McIntosh – owner, founder and head trainer at K9 Knose-it – has been involved in the world of dog training and breeding for almost thirty years.

From breeding German Shepherds used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to successfully competing around the world in French Ring competitions, Laurie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to canine behaviour. 

She is also a graduate of the Master Dog Trainer program at Highland Canine’s prestigious School for Dog Trainers.

Today, Laurie is focused on raising the next generation of working line Belgian Malinois through her Soldat d’Elite Kennel, whilst competing and excelling in dog sports such as French Ring.

Dog Sport Training

Private Dog Training

Our Private Lesson programs are designed to help dog owners in Calgary to achieve their dog training goals.

Our Board and Train programs are a little different. As we only watch a maximum of two dogs at one time, your dog will get the personalised attention they deserve!

Whether you’re looking for simple obedience training or are trying to resolve more complex behavioral problems with your dog, K9 Knose-it has the expertise and knowledge to help you.

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Specialist K9 Services

K9 Knose-it is proud to provide specialised K9 services for bed bug detection, explosives detection and security patrol functions.

We help businesses and community organizations in a number of ways. Whether you’re a hotel owner trying to identify bed bugs; an events organiser looking to protect from the threat of explosive devices; or a business simply looking to protect their premises and inventory, we have the capability to help you.

Put our expertise to use and contact us today if you need help from a specialist team!

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