Bed Bug Detection









Our canine bed bug inspections are conducted by highly trained dogs that are exclusively trained to find bed bugs. There is no cross-training for other types of insects or odours. That means that your canine inspection team is there for one purpose only – to inspect for bed bugs with no confusion on the part of the canine or the handler.

A bed bug canine inspection can detect bed bugs quickly and accurately which often leads to solving the bed bug problem in less time and reduced cost and turmoil.

If you suspect that you may have bed bugs give us a call – We’ll help, Fast!

For a human, bed bugs are difficult to find. Even an experienced bed bug exterminator can easily miss the signs of a bed bug infestation because bed bugs are relatively small and they are very good at hiding! Bed bug eggs are even easier to miss – even by someone experienced at looking for them. Up until recently, bed bug detection was a hit or miss proposition – well, not any longer! Enter the K9 bed bug detection team…

K9 bed bug detection is the modern, accurate, discreet and reliable method of detecting bed bugs! No longer must you concern yourself with the prospect of a human not being able to detect a potential bed bug problem in your home or business. A K9 bed bug detection team can detect bed bugs quickly and accurately for you with a very high degree of accuracy.

While the highly trained K9 is using his nose to sniff out the bed bug scent, a certified handler is simultaneously using their experience to visually detect any sign of bed bugs or their eggs being present.