Everyone thinks they have the best dog,
and none of them are wrong.
Let us bring out the best in your dog!
Laurie has been actively training and
competing with dogs for over 20 years.
We are based in Calgary, Alberta
and serve residential, commercial and hospitality fields.

About us

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Laurie McIntosh & Ms. Myra.  

Laurie has been actively training & competing with dogs for over 20 years. She started back in the mid to late 90’s breeding and selling German Shepard dogs to the RCMP.  She trained her dogs in agility until the early part of the 2000’s.  In the mid-2000’s she discovered the Belgian Malinois breed and the sport of French Ring.  This soon became her passion, as she was able to work with her dogs and compete all around the world.   But one thing she learned about the Malinois is that they are a breed that needs a job.  So when she decided to retire Ms. Myra from competition sport she thought she would let her follow in her father’s paw prints (he was a drug detection dog).

In June of 2017, Laurie traveled with Myra to Baltimore where they spent a week training in bed bug detection, with Emily & Stephanie Kaiser of Kaiser K9.  The next 6 months were spent fine-tuning Myra’s skills and in January of 2018, they traveled to Ontario where, as a team, they were tested and certified through the AWDA (American Working Dog Association).

Myra is a very well rounded and social dog.  With extensive training to be a successful competitive sport dog, her obedience is far above most dogs that are commonly seen.  She has traveled all over the world and can relax in any situation, although she would much more prefer to be working.